In this digital era, the need for robust cyber security measures is absolutely crucial for businesses, big and small. At AiMTECH we're committed to guiding you through your cyber defences, ensuring the safety of your business's reputation, operations, and precious data. 
For those if you who are utilising Microsoft 365, we're looking at the handy feature they have called ‘Microsoft Secure Score’. This score is a brilliant first step towards strengthening your business against cyber threats. So, let’s look at how this tool can serve your business. 
What's Microsoft Secure Score All About? 
If you think of Microsoft Secure Score as your cyber health check within your Microsoft 365 suite, it gauges the security stance of your Microsoft 365 setup and dishes out practical tips and advice for gearing up your defences. It is especially useful for businesses blending Microsoft 365 with remote working, because we know that remote working can have its disadvantages when it comes to cyber security. 
Microsoft starts with an audit of your existing security protocols in Microsoft 365 and Secure Score assigns a numerical value reflecting your cyber health. So, what’s the goal? The higher the score, the tighter your security, which is critical when your business is handling sensitive data and operations. 
Why Bother with Microsoft Secure Score? 
Increasing your Microsoft Secure Score isn't just a tick box exercise; it's about making real improvements in your cyber security framework. A solid score can mean reduced cyber risks, proof of your security savvy to clients and partners, potentially lower insurance costs and, ultimately, peace of mind. Let’s look at how Secure Score can propel your business forward: 
1. Measurable Security Insights: Secure Score gives you a tangible score to track your security status, helping you to pinpoint areas for improvement and showcase your commitment to security to stakeholders and insurers. 
2. Personalised Guidance: It provides personalised advice, offering a clear pathway to strengthen your Microsoft 365 security across data, user access, and system configurations, reducing the chance of cyber mishaps. 
3. Risk Reduction: By following Secure Score's recommendations, you're directly lowering your vulnerability to cyber threats and building a more resilient digital fortress. 
4. Increased Security Tools: Many businesses don't fully utilise their Microsoft 365 security features. A Secure Score points out how to unlock the full potential of these tools, giving you an edge on your competitors and peace of mind for your clients. 
5. Adjusting to Cyber Trends: With the cyber landscape always evolving, Secure Score's ongoing updates offer fresh strategies to keep your defences sharp and aligned with current best practices. 
How Do I Check My Microsoft Secure Score? 
To view your current score, go to the overview page of Microsoft Secure Score and find the section labelled 'Your secure score'. Here, you'll see your score displayed as a percentage, accompanied by the points you've got against the maximum points available. 
What Constitutes a Strong Office 365 Secure Score? 
According to the Microsoft, a Secure Score of 44.25% is notable. 
Nonetheless, we advise striving for a Secure Score between 60% and 80% to ensure enhanced protection. A score under 60% may indicate that some best practices haven't been fully adopted or configured. 
Attaining a score of 60% is an achievable goal with a reasonable level of effort involved, making it an accessible target for many businesses. 
However, pushing the score up to 80% presents a more significant challenge, requiring detailed and diligent efforts to secure those additional points and bolster your cyber defence. 
Closing the Cyber Security Loop 
If the integrity of your business's cyber security still concerns you, you can be assured that AiMTECH is here to assist. We are eager to help solidify your defences against cyber threats, ensuring your business is equipped to withstand the evolving landscape of cyber challenges. 
In the realm of cyber security, being proactive is non-negotiable. By harnessing powerful tools like Microsoft Secure Score and Cyber Essentials, alongside seeking expert advice, you're not just safeguarding your business; you're setting it up as a model of cyber resilience. Cyber Essentials, in particular, acts as a foundational shield, providing a clear framework for protection against a vast majority of cyber-attacks, further tightening your security measures. 
We're here to navigate this journey with you. So, if you're ready to take the next step towards securing your digital space and ensuring your business's growth in the digital age, let's talk. We can create a secure and thriving digital environment for you and your business. 
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