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Redstor provides centralised management and on-demand access to all your data, wherever it is stored, through a single application. 
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Why Redstor 

AiMTech is partnered with Redstor who provide our customers with data management/backup. With Redstor you can easily select all data for protection and utilise insight and industry-leading reporting to ensure all the correct data is being backed up, ensuring your backup regime is in line with data protection legislation and regulations such as the GDPR. Moreover, with Redstor you can quickly and easily recover your data in the event of data loss, corruption or even after a ransomware attack. 
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Redstor has been announced as the highest-rated backup platform on G2. The G2 site is the world’s largest and most trusted B2B tech marketplace. They highlight top-rated software solutions by category, based on real, independent customer reviews. After steadily climbing G2's ranks, Redstor are the #1 backup platform in the following categories: 
Backup | Online Backup | SaaS Backup | Server Backup | PC Backup | Database Backup 

AI Powered Malware detection for your backup data 

Most organisations will have some form of anti-virus and malware protection in place, but cyber-criminals are becoming increasingly adept and infiltrating systems and hiding their activities. A 2019 study by IBM Security and Ponemon institute showed the average time to detect a breach is 206 days. If malware has remained dormant for longer than an organisation’s retention policy, it is likely all backups will be infected too. With many organisations utilising backup and recovery to help mitigate against the effects of ransomware, this can have a disastrous effect. 
Redstor’s Malware detection uses machine learning to protect backup data from files containing malware, quarantining files thought to be malicious and allowing users to mark them as safe or remove the files and revert to a previous, safe version. Malware detection can be enabled on machine endpoints (servers, desktops and laptops), Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, including SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive, Teams, Gmail, Drive and Classroom, ensuring an additional layer of protection across a wide range of sources and file types. 
Once enabled, Redstor will automatically scan backup data each time a backup completes, looking for indicators that malware is present within all files that have been added or changed within that backup. If malicious files are found, users will be notified and can then use the Red App to take action. Files will be quarantined until an action has been taken to ensure they cannot be accessed or restored. 

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) guidance on protecting data from ransomware and ensuring recoverability 

Amidst the growing threat of ransomware and different types of malware attacks, cyber insurance companies are increasingly mandating offline and immutable backups as a prerequisite for cover. The National Cyber Security Centre has issued guidance for organisations on staying protected, and how a secure backup can enable recovery. 
Redstor’s smart, green, serverless, cloud-native suite of services delivers the new standard in data backup and protection, ensuring organisations have air gapped backups, protection from ransomware, and are compliant with all the guidance from the NCSC. 
As well as benefitting from: 
A cloud-first approach with no reliance on hardware 
Streamed on-demand recoveries and serverless access to data with InstantData™ 
Rapid set up in as little as 15-minutes built-in archiving that extends the capacity of existing primary storage infrastructure 
The ability to protect SaaS data, such as M365, Google Workspace, Xero, Salesforce & soon to be QuickBooks, a single application 
Reduced energy consumption on-site and a lower carbon-footprint for backups 

Say goodbye to complex renewal quotes, confusing line items and incalculable grey costs. 

With several backup vendors going through large changes at present, many organisations are facing uncertainty and doubt around their backups and if and how, costs will be affected. On top of the existing challenges of complex renewals, hardware refresh cycles, heating and cooling costs and maintenance contracts, it’s not surprising that businesses are looking for a simpler, smarter option. For organisations reliant on vendors surrounded by uncertainty, a true-cloud solution can deliver immediate return on investment, with no need for lengthy delays in set up due to hardware procurement and the benefit of simple, scalable pricing. 
Redstor’s smart, green, serverless, cloud-native suite of services delivers the new standard in data backup and protection, ensuring organisations can protect data in minutes, all for a simple, predictable price per GB/TB. 
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