AiMTech provides first-class IT services for SMEs. Our focus is on customer experience, taking care of your IT while leaving you to concentrate on business.

We don’t just provide one-off solutions, we create an IT strategy for our clients to ensure long-term success and an approach to technology that evolves with your business.

We understand

The impact on your business when unable to log in or send emails at critical times
The importance of a proactive and automated 24/7 service to safeguard your business
The need to deliver bespoke customer IT support

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IT consultancy services tailored to you

The world of technology is constantly changing. It’s always beneficial to have a second opinion before you start making major changes.

AiMTech work with you to understand your business goals and aspirations, so we can deliver a roadmap detailing exactly how you can get there. We’ll tailor the amount and level of IT support and consultancy based on your needs. So, whether you’re an SME looking for initial consultation and project delivery, or an IT manager with an in-house team, looking for further expertise and resource or guidance at a tactical level, we can help.

IT Managed support

We offer managed support for our clients who benefit from our IT helpdesk 24/7, device management – whether a PC, laptop or tablet, anti-virus, firewall and malware strategy, back-up of data and files, on-site support, recommendations of the most appropriate hardware and software, server support and cloud services.

IT Consultancy

Our IT consultancy means developing a working relationship with key stakeholders in your business in order to develop the IT strategy that is right for you – at the right price.

We don’t just deal with problems, we look ahead by developing a two-year plan with strategic goals and targets for growth development. Our consultancy service provides efficient digital cost savings across all areas of your business.

Project management

Our project management service guarantees that security is maintained across your estate, with cyber essentials being used as the benchmark. We support existing systems and we assist in ad-hoc projects. Having a good IT structure in place in your business can be vital in minimising downtime and can safeguard even against the most challenging and unexpected events like coronavirus.

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We offer

20+ years’ experience of providing IT solutions for businesses

A bespoke IT strategy

Scheduled on-site support

Remote support as needed



AimTech is all about offering world class IT services to support your business. We offer a fully flexible and cost effective approach to our consultancy as we understand every individual has different needs.

We are passionate about making a difference.